Different Orchestrator Products by VMware [CB10114]

VMware doesn’t really offers 1 or 2 Orchestrator tools, rather a handful of them. Read about all these different orchestrators in this post..

Different Orchestrator Products by VMware [CB10114]

While working cross-domain, you might have noticed that being into cloud automation, VMware doesn’t really provide 1 or 2 orchestrator tools, but many more than that. Let’s list them all and learn a little bit about them.

There are mainly 5 orchestrators offered by VMware currently.

PMN Orchestrator

VMware Private Mobile Network Orchestrator (Beta): This product is currently in beta and comes as part of Telco Cloud Automation & Edge Computing. It is not a standalone product with dedicated UI.

This new managed service offering provides enterprises with private 4G/5G mobile connectivity in support of edge-native applications. VMware will empower partners with a single PMN orchestrator to operate multi-tenant private 4G/5G networks with an enterprise-grade solution. Building on VMware Edge Compute Stack, the service is seamlessly integrated with existing IT management platforms and incorporates VMware’s industry leading compute, network, security and edge intelligence solutions.


  • Simplified management and operations across multi-tenant sites.
  • Role-based personas offer customized access for both customers and providers.
  • Ensures secure control and visibility.

Know more: https://news.vmware.com/releases/vmware-explore-2022-cloud-edge-infrastructure

SD-WAN Orchestrator (formerly VeloCloud Orchestrator)

VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator: This product comes a part of SASE(Secure Access Service Edge) offering. It provides centralized, enterprise-wide installation, configuration, and real time monitoring, in addition to orchestrating the data flow through the cloud network.


  • Allows simple implementation of network-wide business-based policies for application delivery, simplifying application traffic management.
  • Enables one-click provisioning of virtual services in the branch, the cloud, or enterprise data center.
  • Provides centralized monitoring, visibility, and cloud control to enable zero-touch deployment across distributed locations while delivering automatic business policy and firmware updates, link performance, and capacity measurements.
  • Monitors link and path quality and application-related performance analytics.


Know more: https://sase.vmware.com/products

Freestyle Orchestrator

Freestyle Orchestrator: This product comes as a part of Workspace ONE platform and is an IT modernization platform for orchestrating IT tasks, workflows and outcomes in a modern way across the entire IT environment.  It’s basically is a low-code orchestration platform that gives an administrator the flexibility to create workflows to fit specific deployment requirements for their organization. Use workflows to distribute resources to devices in a sequence of steps, based on granular criteria. The resources can be applications, profiles, and scripts.


An administrator can use workflows to perform the following tasks:

  • Sequentially order the installation of each resource, such as applications, profiles, or scripts to meet specific installation requirements.
  • Deploy a resource based on select conditional criteria using sensors, application inventory data, and more.
  • Push a script to a device similar to resources like applications and profiles.
  • Perform state evaluation rules and apply logic to individual steps within a workflow or across the totality of a workflow.


Know more: https://techzone.vmware.com/getting-started-freestyle-orchestrator

VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator (formerly VMware SASE Orchestrator)

This products comes as a part of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and is not a standalone tool with a dedicated UI.

The SaaS Orchestrator is a cloud component that presents a user interface (UI) to consume the Service Offering and includes several disaster recovery orchestration capabilities to automate the disaster recovery process.  


  • Creation or attachment of the Recovery SDDC
  • Establishing communication from the cloud DRaaS Connector to the SaaS Orchestrator
  • Manage/execute backup schedules
  • Mounting the NFS volume to the Recovery SDDC
  • Initiating the storage vMotion to local Recovery SDDC vSAN storage. 
  • Failback of VM back to the protected site
  • Executing Compliance checks
  • Facilitate exports of activity and reports

Know more: https://vmc.techzone.vmware.com/resource/introduction-vmware-cloud-disaster-recovery

Aria Automation Orchestrator (formerly vRealize Orchestrator)

VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator: This product comes as a part of VMware Aria Automation.

It is an IT workflow orchestration and automation platform, designed to simplify and automate data center infrastructure workflows and processes for VMware customers. vRealize Orchestrator is delivered as a component of VMware vRealize Automation. vRealize Orchestrator delivers powerful new features that enhance the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of Cloud admins and DevOps admins, who are modernizing their data center infrastructure using vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud Foundation. It also allows REST operations to interact with 3rd-party applications.


  • Leverage a rich library of out-of-the-box plug-ins to extend the core capabilities of VMware Aria Automation, VMware Aria Suite, vCloud Suite and vSphere.
  • Apply DevOps and agile software development principles to ease and accelerate workflow development. 
  • Deliver consistent remediation of issues and fast time-to-resolution via automation. 
  • Get version control, namespace management, exception handling, and support for multiple scripting languages, including PowerShell, Node.js and Python.
  • Enable advanced developers to integrate key Software Development Kit (SDK) features into their existing development environments.


Know more: https://www.vmware.com/products/aria-automation-orchestrator.html

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