How to get free Apple AirTag from VMware

Learn how to earn free merchandise from VMware and become a VMware Champion.


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How to get free Apple AirTag from VMware

Free gifts and merchandise have a remarkable way of making individuals feel happy and motivated. The excitement of receiving something for free triggers a sense of gratitude, making us appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness behind the gesture. Moreover, the novelty and surprise element associated with freebies add to the thrill. Furthermore, free gifts and merchandise can serve as valuable motivators. This positive experience triggers the release of dopamine in our brain, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and happiness.

Simply put, I just love free stuff. So, If you too up for the free stuff and you are a VMware Enthusiast just like me, I can tell you a hack to take this liberty.

Join the VMware Rewards Program.

What is VMware Rewards Program?

VMware Rewards is designed to thank customers for their ongoing support and engagement with VMware. Program members earn points for taking part in qualifying activities run in one of the participating VMware communities or customer programs. Members exchange points for prizes in the VMware Rewards catalog.

VMware Rewards is more than prizes! This program is also a way for customers to get recognized for their community contributions and loyalty to VMware. Customers can advance through the Rewards Program by completing specified activities, gaining kudos, status and appreciation along the way.

Prizes range from VMware-branded swag and charity donations to high-tech gadgets and event tickets. 

VMware Rewards is more than prizes! This program is also a way for customers to get recognized for their community contributions and loyalty to VMware.

Where to start?

  • It will redirect to VMware Customer Connect. Log in or sign up there.
  • After logging in, you will see a welcome screen.
  • Scroll down to Activities section to see the list of all available challenges. Click anyone of them to get the steps to complete it.
  • When you open a challenge, it will show the steps to complete it. It could be a link to open, a quiz or questionaire, a task etc.
  • Once you complete a challenge, you will earn points.
  • To avail these points, scroll down on the Welcome page to Rewards Catalog. Click Browse Catalog.
  • It will open a catalog of goodies where can add whatever you like to your cart depending on how many points you have at the moment.
  • Open cart and click Checkout.
  • Put down your details like shipping address, ship method etc.
  • Place order. That’s all. You will receive a mail about your shipping. I received my package in India in almost 8 days which is great.

Some pictures from the package I received.

Earn extra points

Just by loggin in daily, you can earn some extra points by follwing this streak which you can see on your welcome screen.

Other way to earn extra points is by earning badges for various hunts, connecting your social handles, completing levels, contributing to VMware Community (use the same email address) etc.

If you have enough points to get everything from the above catalog, you are already champion and deserves a standing ovation. However, if you have some more appetite for VMware merchandise, I suggest you head out to this link where you can get thousands of goodies but not for free.


Use the mobile app

I understand this might be an extra activity for most of us in our busy lives and we may not find time to sit on PCs for this. So, If you like to do this on-the-go, you can download AdvocateHub by Influitive and login with the same creds.

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