Create VdcTemplate using vRO Workflow

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What is VDC Template?

A VDC template (vRO Class: VclVMWVdcTemplate) specifies a configuration for an organization VDC and, optionally, an Edge Gateway and organization VDC network. System administrators who want to enable organization administrators to create these resources in their organization can create VDC templates and share them with those organizations.


By creating and sharing VDC templates, system administrator can enable self-service provisioning of organization VDCs while retaining administrative control over allocation of system resources such as Provider VDCs and external networks. Organization administrators, or any role that has rights to view and instantiate VDC templates, use an instantiation operation to create organization VDCs from templates. 

My Concern

I realized that Cloud Director plugin for vRO does not come with a workflow to create vdc templates, though comes with workflows for deletion and updation of vdcTemplates and I had a customer requirement to create one. So I and my good friend, Harshit Kesharwani have created one such workflow and would like to share it with you.

Download vRO Package here

What’s inside workflow package?

In this package, you will find 1 major Workflow “Create a VdcTemplate and Add to all Organizations” which creates a property of inputs based on various inputs required to create a vdcTemplate like pVDC, Allocation model (AllocationVapp, AllocationPool, ReservationPool & Flex) and corresponding memory & CPU inputs as well as edge gateway and storage related inputs. There as several actions that are being utilized in this workflow.

Basic flow of this workflow includes validating all the inputs, get Bearer token, check if there is no existing template with same name and then, using REST calls, create a vdcTemplate and add them to all the organizations of your vCD.

If there is any problem or assistance required, feel free to create a issue here. Thank you. See you on other posts.

A 5-min crash course on VdcTemplate

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