How to unlock AD User account using vRO


Imagine you got a locked AD account and you don’t have access to Active Directory or don’t have rights to unlock your account but luckily have access to vRO or your colleague has access to the same vRO where your account’s AD is connected or maybe you just want to check and unlock an AD user account programmatically in your use-case (for eg. some service accounts that get locked every time you try to run something), What you should do? Just run a simple vRO script.


Create action and add input of type AD:User and paste 👇 script & execute it.

// Input AD:User
return user;


  • Create a new action and copy-paste the above script.
  • Add input User of type AD:User.
  • Save the action and Run it.
  • Select the user that you want to unlock and Click Run.

The action should execute successfully and your locked account is unlocked now.

Other attributes

  • Never expire account: user.setAttribute("accountExpires", NewDate);
  • Never expire password: user.setAttribute("userAccountControl", 66048);
  • Set email address: user.setAttribute("mail", strEmail);

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