List of All Products under VMware Aria Branding

VMware Aria! Are you confused with it too? You probably at the right place. Check out the list of all products under the Aria branding here.


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What does aria mean?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an aria as “an accompanied, elaborate melody sung (as in an opera) by a single voice.”

What is VMware Aria?

A single cloud management solution – is the voice that promises to remove multi-cloud complexity that manifests itself as so much “noise” and restore melodious, harmonious cloud operations back to our customers.

List of all products

#New NameOld Name
1Aria AutomationvRealize Automation
2Aria Automation AssemblerCloud Assembly
3Aria Automation PipelineCode Stream
4Aria Automation Consumption Service Broker*Service Broker
5Aria Automation ConfigSaltStack Config
6Aria Automation Config for Secure HostsSaltStack SecOps
7Aria Automation for Secure CloudsCloudHealth Secure State
8Aria Automation OrchestratorvRealize Orchestrator
9AriavRealize Cloud Management + CloudHealth by VMware Suite
10Aria Suite LifecyclevRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
11Aria Automation TemplatesCloud Templates
12Aria OperationsvRealize Operations
13Aria Operations for LogsvRealize Log Insight
14Aria Operations for NetworksNetwork Insight
15Aria Operations for ApplicationsVMware Tanzu Observability
16Aria Operations for IntegrationsvRealize True Visibility
17Aria Universal SuitevRealize Cloud Universal
18Aria SuitevRealize Suite + vCloud Suite
19Aria Business InsightNew Product
20Aria GuardrailsvRA Cloud Guardrails
21Aria MigrationNew Product
22Aria HubProject Ensemble
23Aria GraphNew Product
24Aria CostCloudHealth by VMware Suite
25Build Tools for VMware AriavRealize Build Tools

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    Ankush Avatar

    Consumption has been reverted back to Service Broker 🙂

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      Mayank Goyal Avatar

      I see. Got this news from somewhere else too. However, it’s is not yet publicly announced i guess.

  2. Leave a Reply

    Ankush Avatar

    It is announced on Cloud portal , I can not attach the screenshot here

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