List of Aria Automation Orchestrator System Properties [CB10123]

Live List of System Properties that we can set inside Aria Automation Orchestrator.

List of Aria Automation Orchestrator System Properties [CB10123]

System Properties are special attributes that give users the ability to change Orchestrator internal system behavior directly by modifying\adding those properties from the Control Centre. These properties are basically part of a configuration file in Orchestrator. In this post, we will some of the important system properties that can help you to enhance your Orchestrator experience.

Process of adding these properties will be same as mentioned below. You don’t really have to add them until needed.

List of System Properties

UsageDescriptionKeyValue (example)
Set the number of vAPI MetamodelsThis property will set the number of the vAPI metamodels that can be added from Orchestrator vAPI Plug-in. Adding more that 20 may use excessive memory and cause instabilityvapi.metamodels.count20 (default)
Enable safe modeIf safe mode is enabled, all running workflows are canceled and are not resumed on the next Orchestrator node
Number of concurrent running workflowsThe number of workflows that run
Maximum amount of running workflows in the queueThe number of workflow run requests that the Orchestrator server accepts before becoming
Maximum number of preserved runs per workflowThe maximum number of finished workflow runs that are kept as history per workflow. If the number is exceeded, the oldest workflow runs are
Log events expiration daysThe number of days that log events are kept in the database before they are
Set JavaScript Access to Java ClassesAllow the JavaScript engine full access to the Java virtual machine (JVM) com.vmware.scripting.rhino-class-shutter-filevco/usr/lib/vco/your_configuration_file_subdirectory
Adding a JDBC Connector for the vRealize Orchestrator SQL Plug-InProvides the path to the JDBC connectoro11n.plugin.SQL.classpath/var/run/vco/plugins/SQL/lib/your_mysql_connector.jar
Set Custom Timeout PropertyThe number of milliseconds Orchestrator will wait for the response from vCentercom.vmware.vmo.plugin.vi4.waitUpdatesTimeout30000
Access to Operating System Commands for Workflows and ActionsGrant permission to use the Command class com.vmware.js.allow-local-processtrue
Scheduled Task and Policy Authentication Token RenewalTo make sure that the scheduled workflows or policies in the Orchestrator deployment continue running even after eight hourscom.vmware.o11n.auth.csp.renewTokenstrue
Enables Basic Authenticationenables basic authentication in Orchestrator for Multi-Node plugin and REST
Purge workflow tokens at set intervalThe cron syntax to purge/delete workflow tokens automatically, changes the frequency of purgingcom.vmware.o11n.purge.execution.cron0 0/5 * * * ?
Enable Workflow Profiler in the vRealize Orchestrator ClientEnables profiler service to gather useful metric data about your workflow runscom.vmware.vro.extensions.profiler.enabledtrue
Enable Profiler for Every Workflow RunAfter you enable the Profile all workflow runs option, Workflow Profiler will generate statistics for every workflow runcom.vmware.o11n.extensions.profiler.profile-all-workflow-runstrue
Enable Profiler for Scripting APIShould the profiler record metrics for scripting API callscom.vmware.o11n.extensions.profiler.record-scriptingtrue
Enable Profiler for Action RunsShould the profiler record metrics for standalone action runscom.vmware.o11n.extensions.profiler.record-action-runstrue
Enable TokenReplayenables tokenreplay service by setting it to truecom.vmware.vro.extensions.tokenreplay.enabledtrue
Record token replay for all workflow runsAfter you enable the TokenReplay, it will record for every workflow runcom.vmware.o11n.extensions.tokenreplay.record-all-workflow-runstrue
Record scripting API callsit will record for every Scripting API callcom.vmware.o11n.extensions.tokenreplay.recordScriptingtrue

Procedure to add in Orchestrator

  1. Log in to Control Center as root.
  2. Click System Properties.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the Key text box, enter (for eg. com.vmware.o11n.auth.csp.renewTokens).
  5. In the Value text box, enter value (for eg. true).
  6. In the Description text box, enter a description for the system property.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Save changes from the pop-up menu. A message indicates that you have saved successfully.
  9. Wait for the vRealize Orchestrator server to restart.

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