Anonymize a Veritas NSS User using vRO SOAP [CB10115]

Learn how to anonymize a NetBackup™ Self Service Tenant User using vRO JavaScript code with SOAP.


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Anonymize a Veritas NSS User using vRO SOAP [CB10115]

Here, we have a user 000000008 which is currently in active state in Veritas NetBackup™ Self Service tool.

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 * Inputs
 * host SOAP:SOAPHost
 * userId string
var operation = host.getOperation("RedactUser");
if (operation == null) throw "Operation 'RedactUser' not found!";

System.log("Creating request...");
var request = operation.createSOAPRequest();


System.log("Invoking '" + operation.name + "' operation...");
var response = operation.invoke(request);
System.log("Operation '" + operation.name + "' successfully invoked.");

System.log("Processing response...");
var result = new Properties();

System.log("Out headers...");
outHeaders = System.getModule("com.vmware.library.soap").processOutHeaders(response);

System.log("Out parameters...");
outParameters = System.getModule("com.vmware.library.soap").processOutParameters(response);

System.log("User deactivated & anonymized successfully");

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